Grow your business by being where
the purchase decision happens


What do you get 

What do you
get with
Pendulum Ads?

Cost-effective ad management

Put your ads in front of the right audience, reach your sales goals, and enjoy our full support

Pre-review of your landing page

Find out if you’re eligible
to advertise on TikTok

Advertise in
exclusive markets

Put your products in the
spotlight of exclusive markets

Custom landing page
for your TikTok campaigns

Build a custom product
page to drive conversions


with Pendulum Ads?

Quickly resolve your
disapproved ads

Find out what you need to adjust
to continue delivering ads to your audience

Get access to our
influencers & UGC database

Connect with the right content creators
that speak the TikTok language

Test beta features

Be among the first
ones to test the newest

Tap into Agency
incentive program

Enjoy the perks of creating an agency
account through Pendulum Ads

Have It Your Way

TikTok Account
Management Service 

We’ll take the wheel, both setting up and managing your TikTok campaigns.

TikTok Account 

We open your TikTok account in our business center, and give you full admin control to work on your campaigns independently.


Ready to dive in?

Schedule a call with one of our TikTok gurus.